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What to Wear: 15 Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Your boudoir photography session is finally booked. Now it’s time to figure out what to wear. Lingerie? Your partner’s favourite shirt? A sports jersey? It can be really hard to decide what to wear when it comes time for your boudoir session, especially when there are so many options available.

You can always ask your photographer what they recommend, but in the meantime, here are 15 creative and sexy outfit ideas.

1. Your Partner’s Shirt

This is easily one of the most popular ideas. It’s classic, elegant and deeply personal. It’s also a great segue into more intimate poses and outfits.

boudoir photography
A button-up shirt is one of the most sexy yet versatile clothing options out there.

2. An Overcoat

Not many people think of an overcoat when picturing sexy clothing, but it’s easily one of the most overlooked items. Picture high heels and an overcoat with nothing else. Sexy, right?

3. Corsets

This clothing option is great for feeling and looking sexy. A tightly drawn corset can accentuate your waist and add some drama to the photos.

4. High-waisted Panties

Retro styles, a la Pin-up Girls, are really popular right now. Red lipstick, vintage bras, and high-waisted panties look fabulous in photos.

5. Classic Lingerie

Lace panties with matching bras, fishnet stockings, and simple high heels are absolutely classic looks during a boudoir photography session for obvious reasons.

They look stunning in all scenarios.

6. Nothing at All

A photographer can make a nude body look extremely tasteful and classy. If you can’t decide on an outfit, skip it. Your photos will still look great without clothing.

For tips and tricks on how to make your skin look absolutely flawless before you upcoming session, take a look at our previous blog post: 8 Tips for Preparing your Body for a Boudoir Photography Session.

7. Bodysuits

If you thought the trend of wearing bodysuits died back in the 80s, think again! Bodysuits are flattering on any body type and can be a sexy addition to your photos.

8. Jewellery

While some people may opt to remove their jewellery, it can also be used as a prop during a photography session. There are many different ways to utilize jewellery during your time in front of the camera.

9. Eye Mask

We’re not talking about your traditional eye mask for sleeping. Picture an eye mask from a masquerade. This perfect accessory can add mystery, fire, and passion to any image.

boudoir photography outfit ideas
Bodysuits are simple, stunning, and oh-so alluring.

10. Fitted Tank Top

A classic fitted tank top is an excellent option for those that want something simple yet sexy. For a little extra spice, slip into a pair of your favourite fitted jeans. A tank top and denim look really good together.

11. A Little Black Dress

When some people think of boudoir, they don’t envision actual clothing. But think about it – there’s nothing sexier than a woman glowing with confidence in one of her favourite little black dress.

12. A Nightgown

For a more romantic look, put on your favourite nightgown. It’ll look extremely attractive and give you that cozy-yet-sexy vibe you’ve been hoping to capture.

13. A Sport’s Jersey

If your partner has their eyes set on a particular sports team, choose a jersey or t-shirt in that team’s colours. It’ll look extra personal, and your partner will love it.

14. Your Partner’s Work Clothes

If your partner is a fire fighter, a mechanic, or some other professional that wears a distinct work uniform, steal it for your session. A perfectly placed hardhat or fire fighter jacket can really add to the photo. Plus they’ll likely think of you every time they get ready for work.

Disclaimer: You'll need to get permission and written consent before wearing certain uniforms. Your photographer can help you if you decide to go down this route.

15. Oversized Sweater

If your legs are your best asset, show them off with an oversized sweater. By covering up the rest of your body, you’ll look like you’ve got legs for days.


Are you looking for a boudoir photographer that’s truly passionate about her work? Dawn Mace, of Keyhole Intimates – Boudoir Portraits, will ensure your confidence shines through in each and every picture you pose for.

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