• Dawn Mace

The Okanagan Bridal Expo

So this was not the first Bridal expo that I have been part of but this was definitely and amazing event.

It was a very last animate decision to be part of this. I had a week to get everything together and wow was that cutting it close!!!

There were so many amazing vendor and meeting all the brides to be and their beautiful friends and some grooms as well. An event like this is you usually only see the brides but is was exciting to see so many of the lucky gentlemen joining their beautiful brides.

One of the highlights for me was seeing how interactive the expo was. there were tow amazing MC's that kept the excitement coming throughout the afternoon, especially when it can to the silly games that were played just before the fashion show. the games that the gents played trying to get the ball on a string into the mini basket ball hoop tied around they ways without using their hands was hilarious!!!!, then was followed by a game, both brides and their grooms participating called the caterpillar. this involved going from one end of the runway to the other holding a ballon between them, after each lap they added another balloon and another participant!!!!. So much fun and entertainment.

The fashion show was also very beautiful. all the gowns that are the there these days as so beautiful. in my opinion Victoria Lane Brides stole the show!!!, big, beautiful and the bling!!!!

I want to share with you my set up. As this was a last minute decision, there was only one booth left and it was a 5 x 6 booth. Not a lot of space!!! I think I managed it well and was able to fit as much of Keyhole Intimates style into it as possible. I was able to show off the product that we offer. Metal and canvas print, albums from out little black boo a 6x6 to the 10x10. People were really intrigued with the Vintage 3D view finders too. It kinda made them giddy a little bit because it reminded them of having one as a kid!!!

I also wanted to feature some of keyhole Intimates past clients so there was a Before and After slide show rolling all day. and of course I had to add a little bling to the booth as well!!!! the wine coloured body suit and a body chain did the job!!!

I was an amazing event and I am grateful that I was able to chat to so many people input what I do and why I do it. Looking forward to the 2021 Expo.

If you are interested in why I shoot boudoir check out my Blog on just that, here's the link.


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