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Ladies Night and Open House/ Studio

We had a Ladies Empower Evening at the Keyhole Intimates studio The other weekend. It was a night filled with ladies hanging out getting to know each other, sharing their experiences, wine, snack and of course lots of laughter.

The client closet was on display for all to browse and ask question about what to wear to their boudoir sessions, why certain outfits work and why other don't. Being able to explore and the lingerie, and talk about different body types and that no one body is the same. The conversation topics of the night we amazing and enlightening.

We had the wonderful Charity modeling for us for our live demo shoot down in the studio. Charity is a returning client. We had so much fun during her first shoot that when I asked my past clients if they would be up for volunteering for the event she jumped on the opportunity right away. She was such a great model and even went live during the demo shoot for the event.

The ladies that attended the event were past clients, ladies that had never had a session and also ladies with future session coming up. They got to experience what it is like to see a session, be a fly on the wall per say!!!

If you were one of the ladies that seen the LIVE in the Keyhole Intimates VIP Group, you would have seen some of the posing that we did. You will have also seen that I get myself in to awkward positions as well. I get as much of a work out as you!!!

We all had a great night and I can not wait for the next one. For those who made this one it will be great to hang out with you again and looking forward to some new faces as well.

Time to share some of Charity’s Photos from the Empowerment evening!!!

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