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Feel Their Passion

So if you were not aware I recently when to Las Vegas for a Photography Conference. I am very picky about the conferences that I choose to attend. I want to make sure that I definitely get my money's worth out of it, as I am sure you can understand. I want to walk away with new knowledge, insight for the future, and also images that I can use to build my portfolio.

I stayed with some fellow boudoir photographer friends from the industry in house a bit away from the strip. A Couple of them were putting on a workshop out of the house during the next couple days. We were sitting on the couch, enjoying a amazing glass of wine after my long day of travelling and discussing the happenings of the next following days. They had invited a young lady and her husband to model for them for their workshop. I wanted to take advantage of all of us being in the same house and get some time with this couple so that I could do some portfolio work.

One of my favourite things I did that week. We had a small window, as their was a lot going on and their were road trips planned and I was also headed out to shoot some other clients.

I only had a bout a half hour with these two...Wow!!! Their energy is amazing!!!!

Being in the room with them during the shoot, you could feel the passion between them.

Here they are!!!

And your next question....You do Couple Boudoir??? YES I DO!!!!

If this is something you are interested in fell free to contact me, also if you have any question about a Couple session please do not hesitate

Want to inquire about a Couple Boudoir Session. Contact me at

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