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Eight Boudoir Photographers on a Bus Trip

Wow, has life ever changed in the last Month!!!. I hope you are all safe and healthy.

With everything being flipped upside down, no child care, work hours cut back to almost nothing, studio closed and the hubby working from home (luckily!!) there is a struggle to keep that sense of normality and that little bit of sanity that I have left!!! LOL. We are taking it day by day and hoping for the best.

This also has me reflecting on the last trip that I was able to take....LAS VEGAS!!!

I had made a post about the couple I did a shoot with while in Vegas and I wanted to share a few more of a destination shoot.

So as I look back....It was Monday night and we were all headed out to the black tie industry party at the roof top bar of the Mandalay Bay. It was an incredible night of meeting up with all the friends that I have made in the industry, sharing our stories of our trip so far, the adventures we had been on and the ones we still had planned while in the Vegas. There was dancing, lots of drinks....oh and did I mention it was open bar for the first hour!!!

Ya that was an amazing night!, the following morning we were up at 530/6AM...OUCH!!! did not plan that one well, but let me tell you so worth it.

All the ladies that I was staying with, there were eight of us in the house that we rented. We all pilled into the bus that we rented...later deem the Boudie Bus!!! and for good reason, as we were all boudoir photographers.

So Tuesday morning, we pile in the bus and we have no idea where we are going, we just know that it is going to be amazing. My dear friend Aroha makes all the travel plans and they are all a secret till we get there, love this idea...not the three our drive to get to our destination though, so I made sure I brought a pillow, cause I can nap anywhere and I did!.

Yes we were told a three hour drive to our destination...then we took a detour and did a little drive by the Hover Dam, wow that place is beautiful the little drive by did not do it justice!

So as we drive back over the Hover Dam, we are again on route to our final destination, still unknown. So what better to do than to have a nap!! We hit a few pit stops on the way, lunch, bathroom brake, etc. Finally we arrive and it was a great surprise, we were all so excited!! We piled out of the bus and headed over for a big group selfie, cause of course that is what we do...Where did we arrive to you are thinking...Well me made it to California!!!

MOJAVE NATIONAL PRESERVE...This place is huge!

From here we headed through the dessert, scouting where were going to shoot. We decided that the Dunes would be ideal. We made it there about 90 minutes before sunset, wandered into the dessert and started shooting, what an a mazing place to photograph!!. Here are are some of the shots I got that day.

This location was totally different that what I am use to shooting. I shoot very dark and moody, being in the dessert at the golden hour is not ideal for that. This gave me a chance to get me out of my comfort zone and challenge myself with something very different.

I do warn you there is nudity in some of the photos

I am really looking forward to the studio opening back up. Since there has been some time that it has been sitting idle, there have been some changes going on. I will be revealing those when it is all finished.

Can not wait to get you ladies back in to hang out when life returns to normal.

Hope you are all doing well and are safe and healthy.

Have you joined our VIP Group on Facebook? Come check out the great community of ladies that we have. We are a Group os strong women supporting each other in all this, there are all different kinds of women. We are there to uplift, support encourage and of course make each other laugh.

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If you have any questions about boudoir photography, what a boudoir experience is all about or are interested in setting up a session, please feel free to contact me.

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