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5 Great Ways to Display Your Boudoir Portraiture Artwork

One of the biggest concerns we’ve come across in the industry is a client thinking their photos will be tucked away in the drawer of the bedside table and hardly ever admired after their session. That’s simply not true. The images you receive from your boudoir portraiture session can be used in an endless amount of ways.

From draping canvas prints on your walls to decorating tabletops with fine quality photo books, here are the best ways to showcase and admire your art long after the session has ended.

1. Hang a Canvas over the Headboard

Your master bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you sleep, where you play and where you feel most comfortable. It’s also a great place to display your boudoir portraiture. Hanging your favourite image above the headboard can make you feel sexy and confident every time you walk into your room. It can also help spice things up between the sheets.

We recommend using several canvases to make a collage or a single extra large print for the ultimate showcase.

2. Add a Walk-in Closet Canvas

If you’re fortunate enough to own a walk-in closet, consider printing a large canvas for the wall. It’s the perfect spot to showcase your sexy self, and it’s a great reminder of your own feminism and empowerment every single time you slip into something a little more comfortable.

If your partner has a corner of the closet or even their own, hang one in there too! They’ll love seeing your image every time they’re in the closet.

3. Create a Luxury Album

If you prefer keeping your images in a more discreet way, have your photographer design an album for you. That way, you can keep it wherever you’d like in your home without worrying about whose eyes will see it.

If you’re eager to share your images with your guests, leave the album on your coffee table. It’ll make a great conversational piece, and you can relive the experience all over again.

4. Maximize the Master Bathroom Décor

The master bathroom is another place where many people find solace. It’s the perfect place for unwinding while soaking in the bathtub or by spending some time scrubbing off the day’s stresses in a steamy shower.

Whatever that looks like for you, maximize your space by hanging a few images from your boudoir portraiture session. We recommend placing a large canvas right above the bathtub!

5. Ask for Wallet-size Prints

After your session, consider asking your photographer for wallet-size prints in addition to your canvas and album orders. These small prints are perfect for stuffing in yours or your partner’s wallet. You can also stick them in their suitcase if they’re heading out of town for the weekend without you. These little prints are also great for hanging up in a locker, at a desk, or in the visor of the car.

Haven’t had a boudoir portraiture session before and want to know more? We compiled the five most commonly asked questions. Read them here: Your Top 5 Boudoir Portrait Questions Answered.

For a tasteful and empowering boudoir photography experience, consider Keyhole Intimates – Boudoir Portraits. Dawn will take the time to answer any questions you may have along the way while making sure you feel your absolute best while posing in front of her lens.

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